A downloadable game

Content Warnings: The game contains triggering contents including sexual and physical assault, drugs, death, etc. For the comprehensive list of warnings, please check it out here before downloading the game.  

❝ — the past never forgets. ❞

Year unknown, the world is now an eternal winter landscape where snow stretches on for miles no matter where you are. Much of the population have diminished after the previous events leading up to the final winter. You're among the last of the surviving humans, and now you're going to meet your ending. 

However, the hand of fate has another plan for you, a stranger met in the wasteland offered his help and pulled you to safety when you were at the brink of death. Yet, peace only lasted for so long before you were once again confirmed to be correct when you refused to take the situation at face's value. 

The past calls for you, even after the entire world around you is nothing but a pale imitation of what it once was.